BNBT RSS features and configuration

To enable RSS you need to set bnbt_rss_file. It can create RSS as single file (bnbt_rss_file_mode = 0), one for each category (1), or both (2). It can also be created at a set interval of minutes (bnbt_rss_interval) and/or by clicking the link in admin panel. Also if you are using a single rss file it will add an alternative rel link to source (i.e. <link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="RSS" href="/files/rss.xml">).

BNBT RSS Configuration Settings
Name Description Default value Example(s) value
bnbt_rss_channel_copyright The copyright information for your rss feed in plain text. none Copyright 2004 by labarks
bnbt_rss_channel_description Required; A description of your rss feed in plain text. BitTorrent RSS Feed for BNBT TheExample's BitTorrent RSS Feed
bnbt_rss_channel_image_height The height of your rss feed's channel image in pixels that should be less that 400 (and spec uses a default of 31). Use 0 if you don't want to specify. 0 35
bnbt_rss_channel_image_url The online location of the channel image, use either /files/... or http://.., that is a GIF, JPEG or PNG image. If it starts with a /files/ it will add bnbt_rss_channel_link before it. none /files/images/rss-image.png or
bnbt_rss_channel_image_width The height of your rss feed's channel image in pixels that should be less that 144 (and spec uses a default of 88). Use 0 if you don't want to specify. 0 106
bnbt_rss_channel_language Required; The character code of the language the rss feed is written in, see$15 for more values. en-us en or fr-ca
bnbt_rss_channel_link Required, must be changed to work properly; The URL of your tracker that starts with http://, contains the hostname and port, and ends with a slash ( / ). http://localhost:6969/
bnbt_rss_channel_title Required; The name of your rss feed in plain text. My BNBT RSS Feed TheExample's RSS Feed
bnbt_rss_channel_ttl Required; The time to live value in minutes of your rss feed, i.e. how often can the rss readers check your feed for content. 60 360
bnbt_rss_file Required; The file to output your rss feed to, which should use .xml or .rss. Must be set for rss feature to be enabled. none files/rss.xml or /var/htdocs/example-rss.xml
bnbt_rss_file_mode Required; The rss feed output mode where 0 is a single file, 1 is for a file for each category, or 2 for both. 0 0 or 1 or 2
bnbt_rss_interval Required; How often in minutes that your rss feed is acually generated.If set to 0 then it will only update rss on startup and via the admin link. 30 60
bnbt_rss_limit Required; How many items (torrents) to output in your rss feed, 0 means all items. 25 0 or 15
bnbt_rss_online_dir The online location of your rss feeds if using bnbt_rss_file_mode mode 1 or 2 and want links to the rss feeds on index page. none /files/ or

See for RSS 2.0 specifications.