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Proper Torrent Generation

In order to properly take advantage of the tracker link for load balancing, torrents need to be made in a specific manner. BNBT's tracker links properly support being used in TheShad0w's Multitracker Specification (Local Mirror)
Only specific metafile generators can properly make torrents for a multitracker network made with BNBT. These include the built in torrent generator in ABC, the in the BitTornado source package and the integrated torrent maker in Azureus. MakeTorrent only supports one of the three methods of torrent layout described in the multitracker specification, and does not perform proper load balancing.
I personally use a self-built frontend to the from the BitTornado source package to generate all my multitracker torrents because I also use a PHP based torrent randomizer script to help load balance clients that do not support the multitracker specification.

Torrent layout (ABC torrent maker/BitTornado
http://tracker-1:2834/announce http://tracker-2:2834/announce http://tracker-3:2834/announce
Please note that all the trackers need to be on one line (single tier in the example from the specification) to properly load balance across all trackers, and all peers need to be using a properly multitracker-enabled client such as ABC, BitTornado, or Azureus
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